Historic Leith Church
Here are some links that may interest a visitor to the Leith Church web site:
  • Trinity United Church, Annan, Ontario Trinity is part of the Annan Woodford pastoral charge that has a long and complex history involving other historic United, Presbyterian and Methodist congregations in North Sydenham Township dating back 160 years.

  • The Leith History Society - tells you about the society and also includes a Gallery of Leith pictures, a Timeline of Leith History, and a selection of articles from its past publications.

  • Leith Memories - a site dedicated to our beloved place of birth, Leith, maintained by John Stewart of Scotland.

  • The Ontario Heritage Foundation - the province's lead heritage agency - is dedicated to identifying, preserving, protecting and promoting Ontario's rich and varied heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.

  • The United Church of Canada - The United Church, formed in 1925, is the largest Protestant denomination in Canada whose rich history is closely entwined with the development of Canada itself. Church union brought together the Methodist and Congregational churches in Canada and the majority of Canadian Presbyterian churches. Historic Leith Church is affiliated with this church as part of the Annan-Woodford pastoral charge.

  • Tom Thomson Art Gallery - The Tom Thomson gallery is a regional art centre and national cultural attraction, dedicated to the innovative spirit of landscape artist and Canadian icon Tom Thomson, who spent his younger years in Leith.

  • Tom Thomson/Cemetery Web Sites - Tom Thomson who died tragically at a young age in 1917 is buried in the Leith Church Heritage Cemetery.

  • Tom Thomson Historical Plaque - Located in the grounds of Leith Church, erected by the Ontario Archaeological & Historic Sites Board.

  • Assorted Tom Thomson Web Sites

  • A Chronology of Tom Thomson's Life

  • Municipality of Meaford - where the Hamlet of Leith is located.

  • City of Owen Sound - The City of Owen Sound is adjacent to the Hamlet of Leith.

  • Grey County Archives - Historic Leith Church is located within Grey County.

  • The Church of Scotland The church (the 'Auld Kirk') under whose auspices the Leith Church was established in 1864.

  • History of the Church of Scotland

  • St. Giles Cathedral-Edinburgh - St. Giles Cathedral is the 'High Kirk' of Edinburgh and has been at the heart of that city's spiritual life for over 900 years. It is the 'Mother Church' of Historic Leith Church.