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Weddings & Events at the Historic Leith Church

The Minister and the Session of the Annan Trinity Church of The United Church of Canada is responsible for all orders and sacraments, including the Marriage Service, and will officiate weddings at the Historic Leith church unless an exception is mutually agreed to. It is a requirement that all persons wishing to use the Leith Church for a marriage ceremony show evidence of participation in a marriage counseling program. All faiths are welcome to hold a Christian religious wedding and may use the Church with clergy approval.


  1. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is to be paid, at the time of booking a wedding date. The balance must be paid at the time of the wedding rehearsal.
  2. Leith Church has a small keyboard capable of organ or piano sounds, but a musician must be booked for the occasion by the Wedding Party. Advice on music and players (piano, organ, strings, soloists, bagpipes) available upon request.
  3. Evening weddings may request the use the ten oil lamps installed in the church, however, only the attending steward is to light and extinguish them.
  4. A steward is provided for each wedding by The Friends of Leith Church. This person will attend the rehearsal and ceremony and will be available for consultation. Please ask for the name and telephone number at the time of booking the ceremony date.

Church Availability

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Important Notes

A wedding is a joyous occasion and while we do not wish to hinder the decoration of the church, the following restrictions apply:

  1. Confetti, rice, or other celebratory objects may not be used inside the church building.
  2. Open candle flames are not permitted unless used as part of the wedding ceremony.
  3. The pulpit and its immediate area may not be decorated except with flowers.
  4. Flowers, ribbons, bows, and other decorative items may not be attached to pews or other parts of the church interior, using nails, thumb tacks, pins, tape, or glues of any kind.
  5. Flower containers placed on the altar, desk, or flower stands must be placed on plates or dishes so that water rings are not left on the wood surface.
  6. Rowdy behaviour or inappropriate language is not permitted in the church and proper order must be observed and regulated at all times by the principals in the wedding. Failure to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of the agreement to use the Leith Church.
  7. Food and drink are not permitted within the Historic Leith Church without the permission of the Officiant and The Friends of Leith Church.
  8. Instructions of the Steward assigned to the wedding must be observed by the wedding party.
  9. During July and August the Leith Church may need to be vacated by 4 pm on Saturdays to make way for concert rehearsals.

Humanure toilets are available in the shed between May and October. Winter, or cold weather weddings can be accommodated as the church is heated. Adequate parking in snow conditions may be a problem, although snow removal is provided. Parking information can be obtained by consulting with the Steward.

Others fees are to be discussed directly with the Minister and any musicians.

Reserve The Church

Looking to hold an event or ceremony at the Historic Leith Church (Auld Kirk)? Call or email us with your request and we will be in touch.