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419498 Tom Thomson Ln, Leith, Ontario, N0H 1v0
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Introducing our visionary artistic director, Dr Jeremy Bell, who brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the Leith Summer Festival. With his exceptional artistic talent, he will curate an unforgettable lineup of performances that will captivate and inspire audiences from all walks of life. Under Dr Bell’s guidance, the festival will continue to celebrate the power of 

The Little Festival with the Heavenly Sound

Welcome to The Historic Leith Church

Step into the rich history and vibrant atmosphere of the Leith Church. Nestled in the heart of Leith, Ontario, our beautifully restored Church offers a captivating venue for weddings, events, and special occasions. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm as you celebrate life’s milestones within our hallowed walls.
Since its formal inception in 1849, the Annan Trinity Church has been a centre of Presbyterian and United Church ministry on the southern shore of Owen Sound Bay. The first church structure at Annan was completed in 1856. The Leith Church was built in 1864 when Presbyterians in Canada divided into several factions.

Upcoming Events At The Historic Leith Church

historic leith church festival of nine lessons and carols

Leith Church Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

Join us in the lamp-lit beauty and warmth of Leith’s “Auld Kirk” to hear again the story of the birth of Christ in word and song.

Booking The Church

The Leith Church is available for your wedding and event bookings! Please click here to view our booking documentation.