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Directors of Leith Summer Festival

Chair – Pete Telford

Vice Chair – Mary Reynolds

Treasurer – John Tinker

Secretary – Donna Phillips

Member – Sue McKearnen

Member – Barb Tinker



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Contacting Historic Leith Church is a straightforward and enriching experience for anyone interested in delving into its storied past or engaging with its vibrant present. To initiate contact, you can use our official website where you’ll find an array of valuable information including contact details, historical insights, and frequently asked questions. The website offers a glimpse into the church’s rich history, architectural significance, and its pivotal role in the local community throughout the years.

Additionally, for more specific inquiries or personalized interactions, reaching out via email is an excellent option. Most heritage sites, including Leith Church, maintain dedicated email addresses to facilitate communication. Whether you seek information on its long history, upcoming events, or wish to explore the possibility of hosting special occasions within the church’s historic confines, sending an email ensures that your queries receive prompt and comprehensive responses.

However, engaging with the team at Historic Leith Church is not merely about obtaining facts; it’s an invitation to immerse yourself in the captivating narratives of bygone eras, the architectural marvels that define the church, and its enduring significance within the local community.

Furthermore, if you’re passionate about history and culture, there may be opportunities to volunteer, support preservation efforts, or contribute to the ongoing legacy of Leith Church. Whether you’re an avid history enthusiast, a student embarking on research, or someone seeking a distinctive venue for a special event, connecting with Historic Leith Church opens doors to a deeper understanding and appreciation of this beloved heritage site. Their dedicated team is always at the ready, ensuring that your journey into the history and heritage of Leith Church is both informative and inspiring.

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